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Date/Datum_: Mon 05/7/18 10:49PM
From/Van___: bfxFealay

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Date/Datum_: Sat 05/5/18 7:20AM
From/Van___: ndfFealay

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Date/Datum_: Thu 03/8/18 8:47AM
From/Van___: Sjoerd

Message/Bericht: Geweldig overzicht! Dank daarvoor.

Date/Datum_: Mon 11/9/15 4:33AM
From/Van___: Sue Sargent

Message/Bericht: Hi I believe I have a 1950's Intraphil sun lamp 13373F/479 from Holland.I can remember my mother using this.Can you tell me if these old lamps are worth anything now or where I can go to find outplease.I found your info really helpful and matched my lamp exactly. Thank you.

Date/Datum_: Fri 08/29/14 10:45AM
From/Van___: Rutger Slim

Message/Bericht: Een leuke site met boeiende informatie. De filmpjes zijn soms ook erg leuk.

Date/Datum_: Mon 06/2/14 5:43PM
From/Van___: Diana

Message/Bericht: Where can I purchase a Calvert,s lamp? Ours got broken during a move and I would love to replace it. My mother and I were directly involved in the original testing for this product with Dr. Calvert and would love to acquire another lamp! If you have information about where to look, please let me know! Thank you very much! Diana Meek

Date/Datum_: Wed 03/5/14 7:58PM
From/Van___: Mourad

Message/Bericht: Ik heb nog een oud model staan waarvan ik het type nummer niet kan terug vinden op de site. De 13379 F / 479 L6 220-230V, 150W
Logo staat op de lamp als in foto A. Van welk jaar is deze lamp en waar kan ik hem voor gebruiken? Iemand?

Date/Datum_: Fri 03/15/13 9:01AM
From/Van___: Jan

Message/Bericht: Hi Erin, Infraphil bulbs with bayonet sockets are no longer produced. You still might find second hand ones on eBay but their remaining lifetime is unpredictable. User manuals can be found at
Good luck. Jan.

Date/Datum_: Fri 03/15/13 6:48AM
From/Van___: ERIN

Message/Bericht: .....Hi im just wondering where do I buy replacement globes for the older model lamps. Also where can i find information about how long to use the lamp, how often etc.


Date/Datum_: Mon 02/11/13 7:48PM
From/Van___: ronny

Message/Bericht: ik heb een 7500 staan [in orginele doos] mocht er belangstelling zijn ,meld je via de mail

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